1988 Sable Convertible Concept

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I copied and pasted this from an eBay auction where this car was to be sold. Everything was taken from the description and I revised and updated it for this site.

This is a rare Detroit SAE auto show Mercury concept car. It is the only Mercury Sable convertible in existence. This is not something you see every day since these cars are usually turned to scrap and not licensed for use on public roads. This car was left to someone who was on the design team for many concept vehicles for Ford, Chrysler, and many others. The car is an innovative design by Cars and Concepts in Michigan, a leader in developing convertible technology including development of the Ford Mustang convertible. This car was shown in the Society of Engineers International Congress show in 1989.

The innovative automatic fifth bow convertible top on this two door luxury convertible was the first of it's kind. Created from a four door sedan, it features a fully automatic, outward-folding topstack. The car has a burgundy leather interior and 3" televisions in the seat backs for passenger viewing, which was very innovative for 1989.

Being a concept vehicle, the car had no VIN and had to wait a set number of years in professional storage before it could be titled for use on public roads.

The car has since been titled, assigned a unique VIN, and licensed for use on public roads. It drives like a dream thanks to the use of a Mercury Sable station wagon trailing arm suspension with low profile springs eliminating the need for shock towers thereby allowing the use of an automatic hydraulic tannou cover to hide the top when it folds in. The body panels are custom fabricated as well as the doors, which are 12" longer than the standard four-door Sable. The car was built on a four door chassis. Everything about this car is a custom fabrication from front to back. It is a one of a kind vehicle.

  • 1988 Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Car
  • Mileage Shown: 9586 Miles
  • Exterior: Silver Multiple Layer Deep Coat Paint
  • Interior: Burgundy Leather/Cloth
  • Engine: 3.0L Fuel Injected OHV V6
  • Transaxle: AXOD 4-Spd Automatic
  • Options:
    • Power Steering
    • Power Brakes
    • Power Door Locks
    • Power Windows
    • Hydraulic Power Top
    • Tilt Steering
    • Air Conditioning
    • Electronic Tuning AM/FM Stereo w/ Cassette
    • Dual 3" Televisions
    • Aluminum Star Wheels
    • Cruise Control
    • Tinted Glass
    • Power Antenna
    • Power Mirrors

This vehicle has been stored properly and not been driven for personal use. Only for auto shows. It has been well maintained, and it runs as new. The car was appraised in 1995 for $40,000 by Classic Auto showplace LTD, as a one of a kind collector car.

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