1997 Ford Santa Fe Concept

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Below is Ford's 1997 press release about this concept car from the Ford Media website.

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Ford Santa Fe concept -- taking off-road driving to the extreme

The Ford Santa Fe is an all-wheel-drive concept wagon that takes the idea of off-road driving to the extreme with its rugged road capability. Based on the Ford Taurus wagon, Santa Fe is designed to meet the most arduous off-road driving conditions. It is an ideal choice for excursions deep into the wilderness, with functional elements designed to appeal to nature lovers.

"While the Mercury concept wagon, based on the Sable, is more of a family-oriented, weekend off-roader, the Ford Santa Fe is a functional workhorse designed for long periods off-road," said Tom Scott, director, Advanced Design. "Santa Fe challenges the public's imagination as to just how far you can go with a concept built around a production wagon like the Ford Taurus."

Off-road performance is delivered by the Taurus SHO 3.4-liter V-8, an all-wheel-drive system for outstanding traction and a chassis that has been raised 2.5 inches for added ground clearance. The wagon's track is 2 inches wider than its production counterpart. The Santa Fe's robust performance orientation is reflected in the no-nonsense, aggressive exterior and interior appearance. Performance, function and simplicity are the key themes behind the Santa Fe's design.

Hot orange graphics accentuate the wagon's high-contrast color scheme -- an off-white body covered with stone-wash blue side cladding. Compartments are located within the cladding for extra storage and easy access from outside the vehicle. A shovel is mounted to the driver's side cladding for grab-it-and-go utility.

Squared wheel flares dramatize the wagon's wide stance and help deflect rocks and other debris. Santa Fe is equipped with five-spoke, 16-inch alloy wheels and custom-cut Goodyear tires. The tires' off-road, rounded tread pattern is intended to improve grip while minimizing ground tear.

The concept is built for the demands of off-road driving. Brushed metal bars curve along the surface of the front end and tailgate, providing extra protection for the wagon's sheet metal. Steel mesh covers the headlights, front grille and hood vents to minimize damage from debris.

Halogen off-road lights, similar to the lighting used in Baja-type races, make nighttime adventuring possible. A gas-charged high-mount stoplamp and gas-charged taillamps contribute to night driving safety. Four spotlights, mounted over the windshield at the front roof line, rotate, casting light around the vehicle.

Santa Fe will particularly appeal to lovers of nature and nature photographers who travel off the beaten path in search of National Geographic-type adventure. A circular camera mount is fixed on the roof rack. The mount also functions as a grab handle for passengers, who can stand up through an opening in the roof for observation or to shoot photos.

Retracting the canvas top that covers the roof's middle section brings passengers closer to the action. A tubular steel roof rack doubles as a roll bar for extra occupant protection. Nikon cameras mounted to the side windows help photographers get that special shot by eliminating wasted time hunting for loose camera equipment.

An aerodynamic storage pod at the rear end of the roof provides additional load-carrying capacity. Flood lamps are incorporated into the pod's rear panel to shed light on any subject at the tail end of the wagon.

Santa Fe also features a molded spare wheel well in the center of the tailgate. With the spare wheel located outside the wagon, more space is available on the inside for hauling luggage or other items. The rear door and window open as a single unit and offer easier leverage to the exposed spare, which stores about waist high, when the tailgate is open.

The interior of the Santa Fe uses water-resistant materials that promote the wagon's wash-out, easy-cleanup advantage. The floor is covered in a durable material with highly textured foot areas. Sport bucket seats are designed with a fabric similar to lightweight hiking shoes and incorporate mesh openings behind the seat for ventilation. Four-point, racing-style safety harnesses and seat-mounted side air bags provide extra safety and stability for front occupants.

The rear bucket seats fold forward to extend rear cargo space, and the seat bottoms lift and lock in an upward position to expose a flat observation platform. Tubular metal rails run the length of the interior and allow a refrigerated storage unit to slide from the front seats to the rear cargo area, which can be accessed from the tailgate.

A front storage rack has been designed especially for cameras. Behind it is a covered storage compartment that accommodates camera lenses or other similar-size gear. This compartment also houses a portable Garmin global positioning system for navigating.

With its spirited off-road performance capability and simple yet functional design, Santa Fe is ready to take on the toughest tasks off-road.

I copied and pasted the info below from a 1997 press release about this concept car from the Tokyo Motor Show website.

Article and images are copyrighted and belong to its registered owners. Article and images are used without permission.

Based on the Taurus, the Ford Santa Fe is an all-wheel-drive concept wagon that boosts off-road running performance while addressing a wide span of customer demands from nature-loving adventuring to normal family use.

Overall Length:5,180mm
Overall Width:2,100mm
Overall Height:1,900mm
Curb Weight:1,725kg
Engine Type:3.4L DOHC V8
Max Power:235 HP
Max Torque:230 ft-lb

Taurus Santa Fe Concept
Taurus Santa Fe Concept
Taurus Santa Fe Concept

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