2003 Taurus Safety Concept

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I copied and pasted this from a 2002 press release about this concept car. Pictures copied from http://auto.sina.com.cn/.

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Ford develops Taurus concept car with safety innovations

Dearborn, Michigan - To help prevent accidents, Ford researchers are busy developing the next generation of safety innovations - many of which are being demonstrated in the 2003 Ford Taurus Telematics and Safety Concept Car. This concept car provides a glimpse of how future technologies might one day help drivers master hazardous traffic situations that ordinarily could spell disaster. The concept vehicle is equipped with the following:

  • Radar and vision systems allow the vehicle to "see" and estimate the likelihood of potential traffic "threats" and warn the driver.
  • Hands-free voice system provides hands-free control of a car's entertainment system, heating and cooling and next-generation telematics.
  • Next-generation backup aid provides enhanced visibility while backing up under varying lighting conditions.
  • Rear collision warning system warns the driver of an impending accident and then activates the vehicle's belt pretensioning system to optimally position the driver for minimal injury. The oncoming vehicle is alerted by a rear-mounted light strobe system with the goal of avoiding the accident.
  • Traffic View side-mounted cameras greatly enhance the passenger side view to help alert the driver to pedestrians, bicycles or vehicles that are preparing to merge into the road.
  • Lane departure warning system is a low-light forward-facing camera that helps alert dozing drivers to changing road conditions, thereby reducing lane wandering and road departure.
  • NightEye vision system features a low-light color camera system to warn the driver of possible threats that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Ford uses color because it is an intuitive, easily understood real-world image.
  • Blind spot detection uses radar to warn the driver when a vehicle is detected in a blind spot during a lane-change maneuver.
  • SmartNAV, a smart navigational system that uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication, as well as incident report information from local municipalities to provide real-time traffic routing, reducing the probability of accidents and traffic congestion.
  • SafetyNet enables vehicle-to-vehicle communication. It allows each vehicle to know the location, direction and speed of other vehicles on the road. These data are used to engage the safety belt system and warning system during a crash.
  • Digital instrument cluster is reconfigurable and presents these data to the driver in a seamless fashion, allowing the driver to quickly and intuitively identify what the vehicle is telling the driver.
  • Child camera provides an image of a baby seated behind the driver in a rear-facing child seat. It is presented in the instrument panel for 10 seconds when activated.

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