Generation 2 - 1992 to 1995

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All Gen 2 Models

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  • Standard Features and Options: Taurus | Sable
  • The Taurus L was discontiued.
  • The clock on the dash now had new digits and two buttons. 1993 was the only year the clock's buttons were not marked.
  • The rear brake discs (if equipped) went from vented discs to solid discs.
  • This year saw the introduction of the remote transmitter keychain as an option. It came as an option with illuminated entry and the keypad on the driver's door.
  • No more gray bumpers or two-tone color schemes for the Taurus or Sable.
  • All floor-shift models got an updated center console and shifter. The center console was much rounder than before and had integrated the armrest. It seemed to flow into the design of the dashboard instead of looking like a tacky add-on. The shifter was more ergonomical and shorter than before. Non-SHOs and SHOs have different gear indicators. Non-SHOs have P R N OD D 1 while SHOs got P R N D 2 1 plus an overdrive-off button on the shifter.
  • The Flex Fuel Taurus was introduced about mid-year. It was a Taurus GL that used a modified Vulcan 3.0L V6 that could run on methanol or a mix of methanol and gasoline. The FFV (Flex Fuel Vehicle) Vulcan differed from the normal Vulcan because of a distributor-less ignition system. It also had a digital instrument cluster to monitor the fuel. All Flex Fuel Vehicles got the extended range (18 gallon) fuel tank as standard equipment.
  • The biggest change for the SHO was the addition of a new engine and transaxle option. It could now be ordered with a Yamaha 3.2L V6 coupled to the AXOD-E (AX4S) 4-speed automatic transaxle. The Yamaha 3.0L V6 with the 5-speed manual transaxle still came standard. The way to tell the 3.2L and 3.0L apart is that the 3.2L EGR is mounted on the driver's side of the intake to the rear of the throttle body.
  • The SHO also gained a new directional Slicers ("blades" faced forward; no slot to remove center cap), decklid spoiler, straight exhaust tips (last year's turned downwards), and steering wheel (see 1994). The directional Slicers pulls air out of the wheel while running down the road to help cool the brakes. These were made in Italy and have "R" and "L" stamped on them. The older non-directional slicer were made in Canada. The new spoiler had an integrated Light Emitting Diode brake light eliminating the need for the center high-mount stop light mounted in the rear window.
  • Sables now had the passenger side airbag as standard equipment. It was an option in 1992.
  • All non-SHO models gained the SHO steering wheel in the middle of the year. The old wheel was used at the beginning of the year until it was phased out. The new steering wheel had a new integrated horn pad/airbag which curved inwards on the sides and was much rounder than before. The cruise control buttons (if available) fit neatly on both sides of the horn pad and curved outwards.
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  • Standard Features and Options: Taurus | Sable
  • All models (except police packages) now had body color door handles.
  • All models now had R-134a (CFC-free coolant) air conditioning instead of R-12 (Freon).
  • Some Vulcan-equipped models received the AX4N 4-speed automatic. There is no logical reason as to why this happened. This odd combination continues up until the AX4S was discontinued around late 2002 when the AX4N became the standard transaxle. The only way to tell what transaxle is in the vehicle is by the VIN tag on the driver's door or transaxle characteristics.
  • All models got a new dome light. The switches (for the map lights) were located on the back of the previous unit. On the new light, the switches have been moved towards the outer sides of the corresponding map light.
  • All models gained a million mile odometer in the middle of the model year. It was previously a no cost option.
  • All models got 15" wheels standard (except SHO which had 16" wheels standard) to accomodate larger brakes.
  • All Taurus models now came with a passenger side airbag as standard equipment. It was an option in 1992 and 1993.
  • The Taurus LX gained new "disco ball" crystalline headlights. The LX wheels also gained a metallic finish and sharper design.
  • The SHO now had blacked-out window trim.
  • The Police Package gained 21# injectors.
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