Completed Model Kit

[ Written by: Qwertz9586 ]   [ First Posted: May 14, 2006 ]   [ Last Modified: February 17, 2010 ]
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The 3.0L 24 valve V6 from the front.

The bottom of the engine.

Back of the engine.

Engine installed in chassis.

The body and various parts waiting to be assembled.

Parts to be assembled.

Engine and chassis plus Slicers.

Black interior with half leather and half cloth.

Interior again.

The window piece doesn't include the rear side windows so I added a piece of clear plastic to the rear doors.

Engine in assembled kit.

Front angle. Note the painted front Ford emblem. I know the headlights are a bit weird, but it looks better than the chrome it came with.


Side again.

Rear. Note the painted Taurus badge.

The Taurus and Ford logos were molded in and are not a decal. I had to hand paint these.


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