Taurus Wagon Kit

[ Written by: Qwertz9586 ]   [ First Posted: October 28, 2006 ]   [ Last Modified: February 17, 2010 ]

No major model kit manufacturer ever produced a Ford Taurus wagon kit. The kit you see below is a resin kit. A resin kit is basically something some guy made in his garage. Somebody sculpted a Taurus wagon body and interior bucket and made a mold from that. The plastic used is a resin so it's not the same plastic as the ones from a kit you'd buy at the store thus the name. The mold is only good for a handful of kits before they degrade in quality. Because of the time and money require to make resin kits and the limited number of production, the kits are usually ten time more expensive than a store-bought kit (around $100 or more) and are pretty rare. These resin kits also do not come with everything you need to make a complete car. Most of the time you will need to buy the mass produced kits for the parts (such as wheels, engines, chassis, etc.). I believe that this resin kit only comes with just the interior bucket and body so you'll need to get the AMT/ERTL kit to complete it. Again, the resin kit for the wagon is very rare and it is hard to find so don't expect to find a lot of them on eBay. Here are some pictures of a completed kit that someone was selling on eBay a while ago.

Rear Angle

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