Taurus MT5

[ Written by: Qwertz9586 ]   [ First Posted: January 11, 2007 ]   [ Last Modified: February 17, 2010 ]

The Taurus MT5 is a rare Taurus. What makes it rare is that it has a 2.5L High Swirl Combustion (HSC) four-cylinder engine (a larger displacement version of the 2.3L used in the Tempo/Topaz) and a 5-speed MTX-III manual transaxle. The four-cylinder engine/manual transaxle was exclusive only to the Taurus MT5. One could not order this combination on any other Taurus or Sable trim level. Ford only offered the MT5 sedan from 1986 to 1988 and the MT5 wagon from 1986 to 1987. The MT5 is the precursor to the SHO because it is a "sporty" version of the Taurus according to Ford (although the only thing the MT5 had that was different from a regular Taurus was just the manual transaxle and a tachometer). It wasn't very fast either since it had a four-cylinder engine, but the 5-speed made it more drivable compared to the four-cylinder automatic.

There's no accurate number of how many were made nor a number of how many are still around. It is hard to distinguish an MT5 from the exterior as the only badging to indicate it is an MT5 is on the trim near the front doors. Since the trim is black with the characters stamped into it, it is hard to tell from a distance (because the car looks like a standard L/GL). If one took a peak inside the car, it should be fairly obvious that it is an MT5 with the tachometer and manual gearshift.

MT5 Dashboard, Pedals, and Shifter

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