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First of all, the RoboCop Taurus is NOT a Taurus SHO. Every assumes it is because of the model kit made by AMT/Ertl. In the movie, they used plain Jane automatic transaxle models (they've used LX models in the first movie and GL models in the sequels). According to the RoboCop Archives, the producers were originally going to build a custom car for RoboCop, but it was too over-the-top to use. The director, Paul Verhoeven, saw a brand new Ford Taurus (the RoboCop Archives incorrectly identifies it as a 1985 model) drive by and was impressed by the futuristic looks of the Taurus. Thus history was made with RoboCop being the first movie to feature a Ford Taurus.

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RoboCop 1 Movie Car

The first RoboCop movie featured the 1986/1987 Taurus LX as all the police cars. You can tell they're LX because they have the multi-spoke wheels (minus center caps) instead of steel wheels and hubcaps; the close up of the car peeling out in the police garage shows the side trim showing "Taurus LX"; and they all have a cornering light in the bumper. One thing that made it stand out was the headlights. If you look carefully, the headlights on the car used in the movie uses round four-eyes behind a clear plastic cover instead of the standard composite headlight and integral turn signal/parking light found on the standard Taurus. Images below are from the first movie.

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Cornering Light

In Action

In Action

Headlights On

Headlights On
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RoboCop 2 Movie Car

The second movie used the 1986-1988 Taurus L for most of the fleet. They have black steel wheels and solid red taillights. The headlights are stock Taurus headlight unlike the custom lights in the first movie. Some GLs were used and can be spotted by the amber turn signal in the rear. Below are images from the second movie.

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Interior Door Panel


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RoboCop 3 Movie Car

The third movie used the same 1986-1988 Taurus L from the second movie. Some 1986-1988 GLs can be spotted as well. There is also the addition of a couple 1990/1991 Taurus L. In the first chase scene, the same car changes from a 1986-1998 L to a 1990/1991 L to a 1986-1988 GL! Below are images from the third movie.

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1986-1988 GL Interior

1986-1988 Front

1986-1988 Taurus L Taillights

1986-1988 GL Taillights

1990-1991 Dash

1986-1989 Dash

1990-1991 Interior

1989-1991 Front

1989-1990 Rear

Taurus Fleet
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Here are a couple of replicas that were put on eBay Motors a while ago. These aren't the actual movie cars, but replicas that people made themselves. The first one is more true to the first movie while the second car is closer to the ones in the sequels.

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