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We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company or any of the websites/book that are mentioned in this guide (except for the Taurus Car Club of America). Please check out the credits for more sources and check the update page for the latest revisions.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed information, whether they are correcting us or giving us new info. We appreciate everyone's effort to make this one of the best Taurus/Sable guides on the internet. And without readers like you, we wouldn't have this guide.

This site is divided up into four sections. The first section is the technical information about the engines, transaxles, and specifications. The second section is the Spotter's Guide which contains year by year changes. The third section contains publications about the Taurus/Sable. And the fourth section is other fun stuff about the Taurus/Sable.

The spotter's guide will help you identify a Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable by distinguishing features that are specific for each year. I'm sure that there's better versions on the internet, but how many of those have pictures of each version of the car? Not many. Some items are controversial and will not be talked about in this guide. Wheels might or might not be mentioned because they are easily swapped and aren't a real good indicator of year.

This guide is NOT absolute. Sometimes Ford will use up older parts on the new generations or they will use a new part when the old parts run out. For example, some Gen 2 models (1992-1995) received Gen 1 (1986-1991) basketweave wheels even though they were discontinued. This is always a work in progress so check back for updates!

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